Encontramos el ángulo que hace que su caso sea un ganador
Encontramos el ángulo que hace que su caso sea un ganador


46-year-old Manhattan woman tumbles down escalator while holding rambunctious child in one hand and griping handrail with the other. Knee arthroscopy without repair and nonsurgical herniations. Settled at mediation for $900,000.


Teacher sued NYC Board of Education after she tripped on electrical cord in classroom. Witness claimed she hurried into classroom and wasn't watching where she was going. Knee arthroscopy without repair. Settled for $175,000.


Manhattan woman falls on sidewalk but can't recall exactly where or what caused her to go down. Perfectly healed wrist fracture without surgery. Settled at mediation for $50,000.


New Jersey man tripped on accumulated debris in parking lot. Impossible to prove landlord knew of dangerous condition. Nonsurgical herniations. Settled for $131,000.


Brooklyn man injured in home ceiling collapse. Difficult to prove that knee injury was caused by ceiling collapse and not the result of extensive degeneration. Knee arthroscopy without repair. Settled for $175,000.


During childbirth, while under sedation, a Manhattan woman sustains a slight burn when a hospital intern clumsily allows a cauterizing tool to contact her upper thigh. Well-healed, inconspicuous scar. Settled with hospital for $75,000.


Queens man fell down staircase, but impossible to prove exactly what caused him to fall. Fibula fracture and ligament tears. Settled for $180,000.


68-year-old man with pre-existing dental issues sues popular dental franchise for ill-fitting caps and slipshod bridge work. Despite confusing dental history, Manhattan jury awards $190,000.


New Jersey man tumbled down flight of exterior steps and fractured his femur. Hospital records revealed he had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal driving limit. Insurance labeled the case a "no pay." Settled for $80,000.

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