Ceiling Collapse

Ceiling Collapse Attorney Manhattan NY

When you live in a multi-story apartment building that’s been around for many decades, plumbing issues in units above you can potentially weaken your ceiling. This can happen in any apartment, regardless of what you pay in rent. No matter the apartment’s quality, if the landlord hasn’t repaired that plumbing issue upstairs, it could lead to a chunk of ceiling possibly falling on you while sleeping or during daytime activity.

The same issue can happen in old buildings where you work. You’re even more vulnerable in that setting if you’re sitting at a desk most of the day.

Puddles can also form and make a slip and fall risk in your apartment. It is important to report these problems in writing to your landlord quickly so that there is a record of the problem, in case it leads to an injury later.

If any of these conditions results in an injury, the building owner/landlord or maintenance company may be liable to compensate the injured party. These accidents are especially common in and around New York City and New Jersey where so many buildings were constructed pre-war and have fallen into disrepair over many years.

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