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Ceiling collapses can cause massive amounts of damage to a home or business. When a ceiling collapses, the expense to repair the damage can be thousands of dollars. If it occurs in a business center, the expenses can be in the hundreds of thousands. In addition to damages, these catastrophes can put your life in danger. Not only can you get badly wounded, but ceiling collapses can even result in death.

After a ceiling collapse occurs, you will need an attorney to represent your claim. You will be owed compensation based on who is liable for your injuries. To find out what type of damages can be included in your settlement, speak to a Manhattan ceiling collapse lawyer today. Call Gray Law Firm now for a free consultation. 

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Causes of a Ceiling Collapse

There are many reasons that property neglect can lead to a ceiling collapse. If you have been injured in a ceiling collapse, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. A knowledgeable ceiling collapse lawyer can help you understand your situation and guide you through the claims process so that you receive fair compensation.


Roof fires can damage the structural integrity of a building’s roof, leading to a collapse. After a fire, the roof can be weakened by water damage caused by firefighters and the fire itself. 

Heavy Snow

Heavy snow can cause a ceiling collapse. This is especially the case in older buildings that may not be adequately prepared to handle the weight of heavy snow loads. When buildings don’t get renovated, the ceilings can sag as the years go by.

Building Code Violations

Building code violations can result in ceiling collapse because the building materials and design may not be adequate to handle normal loads. Types of building code violations that result in ceiling collapse include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Incorrectly installed roofing and flashing materials
  • Improperly built attached roof structures or trusses
  • Insufficient support for heavy snow or water 
  • Use of substandard materials in construction
  • Inadequate roof ventilation

Improper Maintenance

Poor maintenance or repairs can also lead to a ceiling collapse, such as when nails or screws are not properly secured into the framing members, or when caulking and sealants are not applied correctly.

Excess Weight From Roof Storage

Too much weight on the ceiling from objects like furniture, storage racks, or even people, can cause the drywall or plaster to buckle or crack.

Improper Installation Of Roof HVAC Systems

Incorrect installation of roof-mounted HVAC systems can cause ceiling collapses. These systems can be very heavy, and if they are not properly installed, they can damage the structural integrity of the roof. 

Water Buildup 

Water buildup also causes ceiling collapse by weakening the structural supports or through corrosion of metal building components. This can happen directly after a big storm or heavy rainfall. 

Water Damage

Water damage from a leaky roof or pipe can go unnoticed and cause the ceiling to rot. Rotting ceilings can collapse unexpectedly when there is too much deterioration. Water damage can slowly ruin a ceiling’s internal structure. 

If you have been injured in a ceiling collapse, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A skilled ceiling collapse lawyer can help you understand your legal options and guide you through the claims process.

Individuals Who Can Be Held Responsible

While in most cases, the property owner would be the one responsible for your damages, often it can be another liable party. This includes the following:

  • Management Company
  • Superintendent
  • Landlord
  • Maintenance Crew
  • Construction Company
  • Building Fabricators
  • Contractors

Let your attorneys investigate and find out who is the correct person to seek a settlement from. 

What A Property Owner Should Do To Prevent Negligence

In Manhattan, it is important that property owners keep their ceilings in good condition to avoid any potential collapses. It may not have been the property owner’s fault and instead another liable party, but they can help prevent these catastrophes from happening.

Pay Attention To Water Leaks

This means that property owners must regularly check for any leaks or water damage, and take action to repair any issues as soon as possible. 

Pay Attention To Roof Limits 

Property owners should also be aware of the weight restrictions for ceilings and avoid putting too much weight on them. 

Proper Maintenance

Regular maintenance and repairs are key to maintaining a ceiling’s structural integrity. The property owner should hire a roofing contractor to make sure that all nails and screws are properly secured, and that caulking and sealants are applied correctly. 

If a property owner fails to adhere to these guidelines, they may be held liable if a ceiling collapse occurs. However, other parties may be responsible. If you have suffered damages as a result of a ceiling collapse, it is important to speak with a ceiling collapse lawyer. 

Types Of Damages In A Ceiling Collapse

You may have suffered much more than property damage after your ceiling collapse incident. For example, you can include medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages in your settlement. Even if your damages are ongoing and continue for months, even years, your attorney can factor this into your compensation. For example, if you are dealing with a permanent disability after a ceiling collapse and need additional surgeries, your attorney will include this in your settlement. 

In the case of a wrongful death, there are additional damages that you can claim on behalf of a deceased loved one. In addition to medical expenses and other common damages you would claim in a non-fatal personal injury case, you would also be able to claim loss of consortium, loss of valuable services, lost of benefits, loss of guardianship, and more. Expenses such as funeral bills and burial fees will also be factored into your settlement. 

What Can A NYC Ceiling Collapse Lawyer Do To Help Me?

Ceiling collapse lawyers know what types of coding violations may have been committed. They can file ceiling collapse claims and gather enough evidence to hold the individual responsible liable for any damages caused by the ceiling collapse accident. Our law firm has a track record of successfully winning cases of ceiling collapse accidents. Using our experience, we can help you get a fair settlement so that you can return to your normal life. A collapsed ceiling can cause significant damage that needs to be addressed by the liable party. Your NYC ceiling collapse lawyer can protect your rights to a fair settlement. 

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Learn About How Ceiling Collapse Accidents Are Handled

A lawyer can help you understand your legal options and help you file a claim against the property owner. In many cases, property owners are liable for the damages caused by a ceiling collapse. Your lawyer can help you seek the compensation you deserve. Before you get started, let us review your case. Your attorney will launch a formal investigation to find out how the ceiling collapse happened. Any evidence found will be used to hold the property owner liable. Learn how we can help you get maximum compensation. We work on a contingency fee basis, allowing you to pay us after we’ve won your settlement claim. Contact Gray Law Firm today for a free consultation.

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