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It can be extremely stressful when you live in a building or own a business that has poor security. If you move into a building protected by a security company, you should feel safe. You might experience some holes in these services that can put your life at risk and even cause financial loss. If complaining to the security company doesn’t work, you can get legal assistance. 

When you work with a negligent building security lawyer in Manhattan, you will receive all the guidance and support you need. Even if your security company is ignoring your situation or you aren’t receiving the help you need, your attorney can stand up for your rights. Find out more about how to initiate a negligent building security case with your lawyer. Reach out to Gray Injury Law today for a free consultation. 

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Causes of Negligent Building Security 

Negligent building security can come in many different forms.

Lack Of Security Personnel

Sometimes the security team is lacking because there needs to be more security personnel on duty. There also might not be any security personnel who are properly equipped to deal with emergencies. If you have been injured due to a lack of security personnel in a negligent security case, it is important to speak to a lawyer to help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Faulty Locks

A faulty lock can lead to property damage in a negligent security case if it is not working properly and someone is able to gain unauthorized access to the property. This can lead to theft, vandalism, or other types of damage. Sometimes this isn’t the building security’s fault, but instead, the individuals who installed the equipment. You can speak to a negligent building security attorney to help you hold the correct company accountable for your damages.

Inadequate Training

Inadequate training of security personnel can lead to a number of different problems that resulted in damages. If you have been injured due to inadequate training of security personnel, you can seek legal advice to prove that the security company is at fault. 

How Is The Security Company At Fault?

When your attorney holds the security company at fault for your damages, they have to first prove how they were negligent. For example, you might have just left your office, but someone broke into your building through a window. If the security personnel had been properly trained and had been following safety protocols, they would have been able to apprehend the intruder before they had a chance to cause any damage. However, because of the negligence of the building’s security staff, the intruder was able to get away and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

Another example is if you live at an apartment building and the building security staff was inattentive. If someone breaks through the front door of the building and the staff were not there to stop them, the intruder can easily rob the occupants of the apartment building. It is the security company’s responsibility to provide certified security staff who can protect your building, home, or safety. 

If you are the victim of negligent building security, it is important to seek the help of a qualified lawyer. Your lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the building’s security staff and may be able to recover compensation for the damage that has been done. Additionally, your lawyer can work to ensure that this type of negligence does not happen again.

Damages Caused By Negligent Building Security 

If you have been injured as a result of negligent building security, it is important to seek legal help right away. A negligent building security lawyer can help you file a lawsuit against the party or parties responsible for your injuries. They will also work with you to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve for your damages.

Medical Expenses

If you were injured because you were harmed by the intruder, your medical expenses can be completely covered by your settlement. The cost of any ongoing medical treatment in the future will also be estimated. 

Pain And Suffering 

Experiencing a break-in can be an incredibly traumatic situation. You might have PTSD after you had to deal with an intruder. The experience can also cause you to experience depression, anxiety, embarrassment, and other emotions. These emotions can negatively impact your life. 

Lost Wages

Because of your injuries, you may need to take time off from work to recover. Any money that you were unable to make while you were healing from your wounds will be included in your settlement. 

Property Damage

If the negligent building security resulted in damage to your home, business, or physical items, it will be included in your settlement. Let your attorney know how much you’ve lost because of the security team’s negligence. 

Loss Of Revenue

 You also might have suffered damages because you were unable to run your business. You can lose money and customers when your office is closed for repairs. Fortunately, attorneys can calculate the revenue losses you suffered due to the negligent security. 

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Contact a Negligent Building Security Lawyer 

With inadequate security, you can be put in danger, and your entire livelihood is put at risk. You can lose money because of inadequate security measures or get injured due to an attack. Negligent security cases can range from petty vandalism to physical harassment. You might have suffered damages due to a burglary or theft. NYC negligent security lawyers will help their clients file negligent security claims to recoup all of the damages they suffered. Negligent security attorneys will review your case and find evidence to support your settlement. Learn more about your negligent security claim and call us now. We work on a contingency fee basis, so call Gray Injury Law now for a free consultation. 

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