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Negligent Building Security Lawyer Manhattan NY

Negligent or inadequate security claims fall into the category of premises liability law because they assert that these incidents were the result of the property owners’ failure to maintain reasonably safe conditions on their premises. The duty of the owner or possessor may include, in addition to the obligation to take reasonable care of the physical condition of the premises, protecting individuals against injury caused by the conduct of third persons on the premises.

In proving a negligent security claim and recovering damages from injuries suffered, one must show that a hazardous condition existed on the premises in question and the property owner knew or should have known about this condition but failed to take reasonable measures toward rectifying the problem, including warning people of the potential danger if it is not an obvious one.

In negligent building security cases, notice can include prior violent crimes or attempted crimes having occurred at or near the subject premises. Negligence on behalf of the property owner may include lack of adequate building security such as inadequate locks and having none or too few security guards or security cameras.

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