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If you have suffered a personal injury on the Upper West Side in Manhattan, you may be struggling to overcome your serious injuries, medical bills, and other expenses. Whether you were hurt in the Lincoln Center area, Hell’s Kitchen, or the West Village, you may be due fair compensation for your suffering.

When you need a law firm, Gray Injury Law serves all five boroughs of New York City, helping you or a family member who has suffered through a serious accident get compensated fairly. A personal injury lawyer serving the Upper West Side can guide you through personal injury law that can impact your case and pursue the maximum compensation for your personal injury cases. Reach out for help to get started.

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The Importance of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

When you have suffered an injury in New York, from Central Park to the Hudson River, you may need an Upper West Side personal injury attorney on your case. Our law office provides legal support for personal injury claims like yours so that you can focus on your recovery.

A personal injury case can be complex, and without a lawyer on your side, you may have difficulty getting compensated fairly. Personal injury lawyers can provide insight into state laws and legal strategies to fight for what you deserve. Without those tools, you may settle for less than what you are due or find yourself without compensation.

Our Upper West Side Personal Injury Attorney Practice Areas

Whether you were injured on Fifth Avenue, a local construction site, or even in your apartment building, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Your personal injury lawyer can determine what practice areas your case falls under so that you know exactly what laws and regulations are relevant. Look at the following practice areas to get an idea of the types of cases we cover:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Car crashes
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Wrongful death cases

We offer free consultations to discuss what compensation you may be due, such as lost wages and medical expenses, and what a fair settlement may look like. In addition, we can come up with a strong legal strategy for helping you recover your damages.

How a Lawyer Can Help You Get the Compensation You Deserve

When you are involved in a personal injury claim, you may need New York attorneys on your side to help hold the at-fault person or party responsible. When you are hurt by someone else’s negligence, we are committed to getting you the money you are due. That begins with a free case evaluation to determine the best path forward.

Your attorney can then help get you the compensation you deserve by pursuing an insurance settlement. However, insurers may not always be so willing to pay for your damages. In these cases, our attorneys are prepared to turn to litigation to fight for the compensation you are due.

Your personal injury lawyer can also be a key part of ensuring that you are following the laws necessary to protect your compensation. For example, if the statute of limitations expires or you accept part of the blame for the accident, you could lose out on compensation. Your attorney is here to defend your case, ensure you are following regulations, and represent you in the courtroom.

What Type of Compensation Is Available for Personal Injury Victims in Manhattan?

Residents of the Upper West Side in Manhattan may be struggling with their recovery after a serious personal injury. So what type of compensation can you pursue?

Economic Damages

Economic damages cover the financial losses you have suffered because of a personal injury, both current and future. These damages could include past and future medical bills, prescription costs, lost wages, transportation costs, and property damage.

Non-Economic Damages

Your non-economic damages should cover any intangible suffering you have experienced because of the accident. Also known as pain and suffering, these damages are typically calculated based on the severity and ongoing impact of your accident. For example, your non-economic damages may be worth more if you are unable to do something you have always enjoyed.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages do not compensate for a specific loss you have had, but instead punish the wrongdoer. These damages are not awarded in every case, but you may be eligible for these damages if you were injured by extreme negligence or the at-fault party actively tried to harm you. Only a judge or jury can award these damages, so don’t expect them to be a part of a settlement offer.

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Contact an Upper West Side Personal Injury Attorney for Guidance and Representation

Following a personal injury, you may feel lost and unsure where to turn. Your case may be too complex for you to handle on your own since you are already juggling the physical suffering you have experienced. When this happens, contact an Upper West Side personal injury lawyer.

Our lawyers have the tools you need to take action and pursue compensation for the losses you have experienced. When you are ready for your free consultation, our team will speak with you to determine the best route to get you the maximum compensation you are due. When you are ready to take action, reach out by calling or filling out our online contact form.