We Find the Angle that Makes Your Case a Winner


 53 year-old Bronx man tripped on long-existing flooring defect in his apartment. Lumbar fusion surgery. Settled for $850,000.


61 year-old Brooklyn driver involved in motor vehicle collision with car that ran stop sign. Fractured arm with open reduction internal fixation, nonsurgical herniations, and mild TBI. Settled for $925,000.


22 year-old Manhattan pedestrian struck by a careless truck driver. Traumatic brain injury and nonsurgical herniations. 

Settled for $800,000.


25-year-old Bronx woman tripped and fell over defective stair in her apartment building. Difficulty proving landlord created or knew of the defect. Percutaneous discectomy and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled for $575,000.

$1.25 million

Ceiling collapsed on a 37-year-old Bronx mother as she was showering, causing direct injury and injury from fall. Cervical fusion and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled at mediation for $1.25 million.


On his way to school, 12 year-old boy crosses street in crosswalk and is hit and dragged by school bus. Genital scrape injuries and mild PTSD. Settled at mediation for $650,000.


Elderly man tripped over floor display at NYC department store. Defense attorney insisted he should have seen the obvious structure in his path. We claimed that the display created "optical confusion" and blended into the floor at the edges. Surgery completely fixed the shoulder fracture, but we claimed (possible) future arthritis could impair client's golden years. Settled for $350,00.


Manhattan driver t-boned in intersection by NYC police cruiser which had lights and sirens deployed en route to an emergency -- normally a compete defense to liability if true. Cervical fusion 7 years after accident and knee arthroscopy. Settled for $600,000.


29 year-old Bronx man slipped on wet floor in his apartment lobby. Cervical fusion surgery. Settled for $690,000.

$3.8 million

Team-building corporate event turned tragic when defective equipment and improper training caused a 28-year-old Manhattan woman to suffer a subdural hematoma, requiring emergency craniotomy and resulting in traumatic brain injury. Settled against one defendant, verdict taken against another in Federal Court. Verdict and settlement total of $3.8 million.

$1.3 million

New Jersey woman kidnapped from her apartment lobby and stuffed in the trunk of a moving car for over 3 hours owing to negligent security at the building. No prior incidents, no physical injuries. Post-traumatic stress syndrome. Settled at mediation for $1.3 million.


35 year-old Bronx man tripped on a broken floor in his rental apartment and sustained injuries that led to cervical fusion surgery and shoulder and knee arthroscopy. The defense team alleged that a subsequent auto accident (two months later) was the major cause of plaintiff’s injuries and plaintiff’s medical records included varying accounts of how his injury occurred. Settled at mediation for $680,000.


56 year-old man Manhattan man fell down broken steps at the entrance to his apartment building. Lumbar fusion surgery. Settled for $825,000.


Building security case of a Bronx man who suffered severe burns when he was tortured with a hot iron in a home invasion assault. Settled for $650,000.


45 year-old Manhattan driver rear-ended by fast moving school bus. Cervical fusion surgery and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled for $750,000.

$1.5 million

Manhattan man rear-ended while stopped at red light. Low impact, minimal damage collision. Traumatic brain injury, lumbar herniations and knee arthroscopy. Settled for $1.5 million.

1.65 million

20 year-old Bronx woman injured in home ceiling collapse. Cervical fusion and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled for $1.65 million at trial.


Building security case of a 68 year-old New Jersey man assaulted without provocation while using an ATM in a crowded supermarket. Surgically repaired orbital and maxillofacial fractures, shoulder injury and mild TBI. Settled for $610,000.

$2 million

37-year-old Bronx mother of six slipped and fell on a wet bathroom floor in her apartment. The problem was caused by the landlord's failure to repair a recurrent ceiling leak. Cervical fusion and knee arthroscopy. Settled for $2.0 million.


Truck making dangerous left turn in busy intersection smashed into Manhattan man in crosswalk. Orbital fractures and nonsurgical herniations. Settled for $500,000.

$1.4 million

Bronx woman gets foot caught in the loose edge of a stair tread and takes bad fall down several steps. Injuries ultimately keep her from going back to work. Cervical fusion five years after accident and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled at mediation for $1.4 million.


Bronx woman slipped on defective staircase, but there was evidence of alcohol impairment and she could not correctly identify on which staircase she fell. Convinced defense counsel that multiple defective staircases would be a problem for landlord at trial. Fractured ankle. Settled at mediation for $500,000.


Teenage bicyclist hit by distracted driver of car using mobile phone. Multiple fractures, concussion and nonsurgical herniations. Settled for $500,000.


36 year-old Queens construction worker, who was not provided safety harness, fell from scaffold. Shoulder and knee arthroscopies. Returned to work after short time. Settled for $575,000.


Queens woman slipped on a just-washed bathroom floor at JFK which lacked warning signs. Cervical fusion surgery.

Settled for $750,000.


52 year-old laborer fell from unsecured ladder while cleaning wall. Ligament tears and herniation. Manhattan jury awarded $600,000.


Bronx woman slipped and fell down wet staircase in her apartment building. Lumbar fusion surgery and shoulder arthroscopy. Settled for $900,000.

Because Justice Comes in Many Sizes...
True, our firm predominantly resolves major injury cases -- but we take pride in also handling some smaller cases, unusual cases, cases rejected by other firms and cases with extremely difficult liability facts. For example:   


46-year-old Manhattan woman tumbles down escalator while holding rambunctious child in one hand and griping handrail with the other. Knee arthroscopy without repair and nonsurgical herniations. Settled at mediation for $150,000.


During childbirth, while under sedation, a Manhattan woman sustains a slight burn when a hospital intern clumsily allows a cauterizing tool to contact her upper thigh. Well-healed, inconspicuous scar. Settled with hospital for $75,000.


New Jersey man tripped on accumulated debris in parking lot. Impossible to prove landlord knew of dangerous condition. Nonsurgical herniations. Settled for $131,000.


68-year-old man with pre-existing dental issues sues popular dental franchise for ill-fitting caps and slipshod bridge work. Despite confusing dental history, Manhattan jury awards $190,000.


Teacher sued NYC Board of Education after she tripped on electrical cord in classroom. Witness claimed she hurried into classroom and wasn't watching where she was going. Knee arthroscopy without repair. Settled for $175,000.


Queens man fell down staircase, but impossible to prove exactly what caused him to fall. Fibula fracture and ligament tears. Settled for $180,000.


Manhattan woman falls on sidewalk but can't recall exactly where or what caused her to go down. Perfectly healed wrist fracture without surgery. Settled at mediation for $50,000.


Brooklyn man injured in home ceiling collapse. Difficult to prove that knee injury was caused by ceiling collapse and not the result of extensive degeneration. Knee arthroscopy without repair. Settled for $175,000.


New Jersey man tumbled down flight of exterior steps and fractured his femur. Hospital records revealed he had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal driving limit. Insurance labeled the case a "no pay." Settled for $80,000.