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Recent settlements have made millions of dollars available to compensate certain victims of sexual assault committed by a local landlord against tenants and others seeking housing. If you believe you have been victimized by your landlord, contact us for a free and confidential case evaluation with one of our experienced attorneys.






What is Sexual Assault and Harassment?

Sexual assault is defined as unwanted sexual contact. It can take many forms but may often be perpetrated by a landlord or property manager, an employer, or others in positions of power. Sexual assault can also include sexual contact that is initiated against a victim by coerced consent. In the context of landlord sexual assault, consent may be coerced if it is obtained through promises or guarantees offering housing; rent decreases; refraining from eviction or dropping eviction proceedings; or any other promise or guarantee that induces consent that would not have otherwise been given.

Sexual harassment in housing, includes unwelcome sexual behavior directed towards a tenant or others. The behavior can be verbal, nonverbal, physical or visual forms of conduct.

Everyone has a right to be free from sexual assault and harassment and to feel safe and comfortable where they live.

Recent changes in laws have enlarged the windows that victims may have to make claims against their abusers. Contact our attorneys for a free and confidential consultation by using our contact form or call our hotline.

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